Lent Day #1

We went to mass, and now I’m rocking a thick black mark whom the deacon thought if he put as much as physically possibly would lead the cross not to be scrubbed off, unless I used a brillo pad.  I then hopped on the treadmill, with thoughts of a novel rolling in my head.  I watched the first hour of Jesus of Nazareth.  Today we are to abstain and fast, so needless to say I’m about ready to gnaw off my arm, but can’t because it would be meat and fasting.  I wonder if I put it in salt water, and brine it, it would be considered seafood?  Milk, water, and juice are acceptable, as is a small meal (if needed, because God doesn’t want you to faint from hunger).  No eating between meals.  The arm is looking better and better.  Instead of working on the novel, I’m listening to talking heads on Foxnews begrudge the administration for getting “involved” in the Ukraine.  So here goes the stats for the day:

Pages Written: 0
Pages thought about writing: the prologue and first chapter
Miles run: 6
Bags o’crap packed in the 40 days and 40 bags: 1 

I see a box of Triscuts and crab dip calling my name (Jodi… Jodi…. Jodi…  faintly calling).

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