Lent Day 3

It’s Friday, you don’t got no job, you don’t go #$(* to do.  Instead of spending my day writing today, I am doing a charity golf event at Ryan’s school.  Ryan’s school is a non-profit organization and a lifesaver as far as I am concerned.  They took him in when the school district failed him miserably, and he is thriving there.  Even though I suck something awful at golf, I am golfing today, and probably participating in a few charity raffles to boot.  Since Shane is gone, I have childcare arranged.  A friend is picking up Ryan from school, and Sophie is going home with a friend of hers off the bus.  I’m so excited about golfing.  

In other exciting news I have a little bit over $200 saved for the new laptop I am buying.  I’m tired of being stuck at this desktop while writing, and this will allow me to go where ever the kids are while I work.  I plan on spending around $500-600 on it, and it’s not going to be something I surf the internet with.  It’s purely for writing.

And on the writing front.  As early stated– the prologue has been scrapped.  I’m at the beginning of chapter two, and have done 31 pages so far.  First chapter was a little over 25 pages, so I foresee chapter two being around the same.  I did some research last night too, and discovered it would take 119 hours (5 days) to walk from Denver to Colorado, that doesn’t include resting hours.  Just a little factoid to keep you guessing.

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