Lent Day #6

I suffer from a deplorable lack of self confidence.  One thing that I find really ironic is that I’m spending a lot of time and energy on a book that will likely NEVER be published. The odds are not in my favor with this one.  Generally, fan fiction is never published in book format, due to copyright issues, and I have taken liberty to walk all over well-established cannon from other authors, and only am using shadow of characters that originally existed in the original plot line. The main characters of the fan part of the fiction are only secondary characters in this book.  The settings have been grossly changed.  The only twist is at the end, what you suspect will be completely revealed.  And the laughable thing is that I cannot publish it mass market. I suppose I could send it to the publishing company that works in books in this particular genre, but it will likely not get published other than on geek websites.  The nice thing is even though it won’t be published (aka another free work), it will get exposed.  Since I won’t attempt to publish, and I will be doing the bulk of the editing on my own, it should be interesting how this turns out.  By the way, I’m on page 85.

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