Lent Days #9 and 10

This weekend is a busy one.  Of course, the obvious I will be turning 38 this year (where did all the time go?).  Not so obvious– there is a race, there is a conference on children with autism and puberty, there is a baseball game, there is religious ed, there is church, there is running, and there is no time for anything else.  Yesterday we went out for my birthday on a surprise date.  We went to a concert, out to eat, and to Walmart, because what date is not complete without visiting the local Walmart.  We would have gone to Publix, but we discovered the bygone era of a 24-hour grocery store are now gone.  The only place open for 24-hours is either Walmart, or CVS pharmacy.  We also realized that Walmart is BUSY after 10:00 PM.  

So that sums up my weekend– busy and a date that involved going to Walmart…

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