What is it with Military Spouses?

I’m active on military spouse websites.  I have even written for, and have articles published on various publications.  One theme I have noticed is the “tough” military spouses telling those that are not so “tough” to stop being wimps, if you can’t cut you and your spouse better “rethink” his employment, and other descriptors such as– whiners, entitled, wimps, and even implying that there is a certain criteria that makes you a REAL military spouse.  The same spouse who say things are the first to call others’ names are the first to complain that they are not included in unit activities.  I so want to say, do you detect a TREND?!?  It’s not that others are entitled, wearing their rank, or excluding you because you are a such and such wife.  It’s because, in general, you are unpleasant to be around.  If you are the spouses whispering in the laundry about the woman who doesn’t drive herself around, because she’s afraid of getting a driver’s license in a foreign country.  If you are the spouse who quickly asserts that the only reason you are not included in military spouse clubs is because the spouse club is full of rank wearing witches.  If you are the spouse who constantly finds herself writing wimp, entitled, suck it up, or whiner on Facebook sites, perhaps, you should look in the mirror as to why you are excluded.  It is not others that are being exclusive it’s you…

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