Autism Awareness And Autism Action Month



Today is the start of autism awareness and autism action month.  I am directly affected by autism, because I am autistic, and I am raising a child on the autism spectrum.  I have a disorder called Aspergers disorder.  Though many people tell me that I don’t appear to be autistic, or I don’t appear to have a lot of symptoms.  I have been dealing with autism for around 38 years, and I have learned to adapt my symptoms, so that they are not readily apparent.  Just ask my dad, when I was a preteen and he had to carry me to the car, because I had an irrational fear of earthworms.  Ask my mom about all the irrational fears and anxieties I had growing up.  Ask my husband why I know every character in Star Wars to include minor characters.  Ask my bosses when I was in the Air Force, and how I would go off on a seemingly meaningless tangent.  My son’s autism is visible, you can look at him and tell he has autism.  Mine is not.  I was misdiagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression, and even PTSD.   I do not have any of those syndromes.  I have autism.

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