New Website, New Vision, and New Ideas…

I have decided to start a new online brand for a new book I’m working on.  I will need a LOT of help, and if anyone wants to help me start this out, please let me know!  Here’s a little bit of background:

My goal is to write three books.  The first is a novel (science fiction-fantasy).  This novel I have been working on some time, and I have decided to table it for this new project.  A friend of mine and I were discussing writing a modern military spouse guidebook.  With some inspiration from Erin Whiteman, and encouragement from my family, I’m starting a new website, book, and blog– called Military Life Hacks.  I’m currently working on an outline for the book, and trying to come up with ideas for the blog.

What can you do to help me?

Send me your stories, your ideas, your hacks.  The “sub-headline” for this project is: “Making This Difficult Life Easier.”  In 17 years a military spouse, I have learned quite a bit along the way.  I want to make this “book” humorous, useful, and fun.  I also need photographs- specifically military families, patriotic, etc.  All photos will be credited.  Due to limited amount fundage– aka none.  I will not be able to pay anyone for their work.  Though you will be given full credit, and if you provide posts, links to your blog, your photography business, and give credit where credit is due. This is just until I can save enough money to get my own camera and do my own photography.

Even if you are not military, you can still help.  I welcome any hacks you may have– including recipes that don’t break the bank, tips for surviving in your community (if you live in a military community), and even words of support for military families.

Thank-you all for your help,


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