21-Day Fit Fix By Beach Body Day -3

I decided to try a new diet plan, because I have become increasingly frustrated with the changes to Watchers, and increasingly hungry from Calorie Counting, and decided that I am a straight up lazy dieter.  I am tired of counting stuff, doing complicated equations, measuring, weighing, and estimating how many points, 1/4 pound of chicken breast is worth.  There were weeks when I ate all my points, I gained weight.  The weeks I didn’t eat my points I barely broke even.  I realized that Weight Watchers was not a sustainable lifestyle for me.  There is no measure of the quality of what you are eating.  Furthermore, if you eat the frozen meals or the snacks sold at the local meetings, you’ll soon realize that you will still not lose weight.

After an epic failure the last six months at Weight Watchers, paying over $120 in the months I was over my goal weight (which is a reasonable 135), I decided that I was going to try using the Fit Bit Flex.  I thought that knowing the quality of the calorie I was eating, would make me more likely to eat healthier.  Instead, the quality of the calories only discouraged me and depressed me.  I thought about doing Dr. Oz’s 10-day detox, but again many of the foods while doing the detox are foods I enjoy.

We went to Mexico Beach this weekend, and my husband ran a Triathlon.  The kids and I sat in the motel room and watched Informericals.  One of the Infomericals was about Beach Body 21-Day Fix.  I was instantly intrigued.  It was relatively inexpensive.  The foods were not frozen foods, most of the foods were commonly available and not overly expensive.  It was very easy to do, and if you ate everything they recommend in the serving sizes they recommend you are eating a diet complete with healthy food options.

How It Works?

Basically, there are seven differently colored containers– green (vegetables), purple (fruit), yellow (proteins), red (carbohydrates), blue (healthy fats), and orange (others) (2 of these).  Each of these containers corresponds with a different food group.  There’s a complex calculations which determines how many calories you should eat to lose weight.  Then based on that complex calculation, they assign the number of each container you should eat.  You eat the number of containers you “should” eat, you lose weight.

So I did the complex calculations, and according the website I should eat 1200 calories to lose weight.  My mouth dropped.  On a “good week”, I sometimes burn upwards of 3000 calories in one day!  So I decided that I would utilize all my knowledge of fitness, and “adjust” the program.

How I am using it?

There are four categories that you use to determine the number of containers you eat (1200-1499, 1500-1799, 1800-2099, 2100-2300).

If I am doing a complete rest day (inactive): I will eat 1200-1499
If I am running a short run (4-6) miles: I will eat 1500-1799
If I am running a medium run (6-10 miles): I will eat 1800-2099
If I am running a long run (10+miles): I will eat 2100-2300

Of course I will adjust this as needed.  Even further, unlike the program, I’m only going to strictly follow the diet through the week, and give myself “weekends” off.  Look for before, after, recipes, and reviews as I work through this.

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