Round 1: 21 Day Fix, Day 0, 18 September 2014



In 2005, I gave birth to Sophie, and thus started my weight loss story.  It never really finished.  I fluctuated between 150 pounds and 135 pounds.  Looking at these pictures you might say, you really aren’t fat.  This journey isn’t about fat, or thin.  I know that many, many people would be ecstatic to be the weight I am right now.  I, however, am not happy at this weight.  In 2009, my husband ran Boston Marathon.  He worked for years and years to get there.  I’m about to run New York City Marathon, and I am excited about running the race, but I’m not entirely satisfied.  Since I restarted doing marathons and half marathons in 2008, I have wanted to run Boston Marathon.  My heaviest running weight was 152.  I ran OBX Marathon in 5:12 hours.  My lightest running weight was in 2013, I ran Atlanta Publix Marathon.  I weighed 135.  I finished in 4:05 hours.  I had a strict regimen of eating, Cross Fit three days a week, and running over 50 miles a week.  I know that it is too late to really change too much for NYC Marathon.  I cannot suddenly start Cross Fit, and maintain my running schedule without risk of injury.  The only thing I can do right now 6 weeks before the marathon is change my diet.  Which is what I am going to do the next 21 days.  I intend on continuing the diet until I hit my ultimate goal weight, then I will go on maintenance.

I never did before shots, so here are my before shots.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to post my measurements, as I cannot for the life of me find my damn tape measure.  It is hidden somewhere in this house :).

My starting weight is: 144

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