Round One: Days 4-10


This week was busier than expected, and I didn’t get to get online to post what I ate for the last several days.  Mostly because I came down with a cold on Sunday, and that cold, as all colds do in my life migrated into my sinuses and lungs.  I spent the better part of my day in the clinic getting a Netti Pot, Tylenol C, and an Nebulizer.  Did I mention my absolute love for CP Rail (if you want the long story, read follow the link.  Short story– nearly every illness I get ends up with me on antibiotics, I am trying to avoid them like the plague I have).

Anyway, the results of this week on the diet have been.  Weight: 140 (down 4 pounds!).  My exercise has been next to none, due to the cold, but my eating has been on target.

My husband and I attended the Air Force Ball on Friday night, which was before said wonderful plague.  We “enjoyed” an evening listening to General Harris speak (which if you get the opportunity, I recommend listening to General Harris speak), eating some mediocre food, and we left before the DJ really got the party started.  The DJ sucked something awful, General Harris tried to redeem him on the dance floor, but when he began playing Gangsta Rap, there was no going back.

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