2 Weeks And Counting


In 2011, after my husband had qualified for Boston a 7th time, I decided I wanted to do one of the big marathons.  The marathons I think of when I think of a big marathon is New York City, Paris, Boston, or London.  Boston seemed unreachable, it’s slightly more reachable now, but I have to buckle down and train for it.  Paris and London were way out of my price range and it is getting harder and harder to find childcare for my children for multiple nights.  My parents are getting older, and unfortunately, the time when I can travel for marathons is waning.

New York City was the one marathon I decided I wanted to do.  It was a bucket list marathon, it was something I could check off the list.  There are 40,000 runners that come to city annually for this marathon.  It is the US Championship.  Celebrity runners compete in it for world record times and a considerable purse.  It is one of the marathons that celebrities run– Jared from Subway ran it, Al Roker ran it, so did Will Farrell, Kanye West, Lance Armstrong, and many more.

Training for this and waiting for this marathon has had its list of disappointments.  Three years ago, Super-Storm Sandy cancelled it (and rightfully so, the city needed to recover).  Two years ago, if I had made the cut in the lottery, I would have gone alone, due to a deployment.  This year, with 5 weeks left, I ended up coming down with bronchitis, then shortly after that I got an injury that has me barely able to walk, much less run.

Sadly, despite my hopes, I will not be able to “run” this marathon and get a PR.  Even though my training is on par, I am only able to run every other day, and during my runs I’m in considerable pain.  Thankfully, the next day I’m usually fine.  It looks like this will likely be my slowest marathon ever.  I still intend on running it.

If you are at all interested in “watching” me run– I can be tracked with this app.  My number is 36036 (which has to be lucky because of the pure symmetry of the number.  The last few days before we leave for NYC, I feel like I’m in a New York state of mind.

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