Hard At Work…


It’s that time of year again.  We live in the Boggy Bayou, and I decided to post some Mullet Festival themed pictures today.  The Mullet Festival is an annual Country Music festival that takes place in Niceville.  Niceville and Valparaiso, two neighboring towns used to be called the Boggy Bayou.  The entire area was swamp land between the Choctawatchee Bay.  The entire festival centers around a fish called the Mullet (not the haircut, though some residents that attend this festival have the haircut).


I attended on family day.  The calmer of the three days– as there is NO alcohol allowed for sale at the fair.  We usually go on Friday night, but we were busy that night doing other things, and we decided that Sunday was a better day to go.  And good thing too, it appears that people who visit Niceville are not the nicest people in the world, just ask Dustin Lynch

IMG_0619 (2)

After the festival, I fooled around a little bit with my photo, and posted some new stuff on my Society6 page.  I am particularly proud of this piece.  I love carousels, and I got a fabulous picture of this old one that traveled with the Carnies.  On the camera, I used the ATV function to blur the background, and a vector tool to add highlights to the horse in front.  Then turned off the color to give the picture a more vintage look.


I also took a picture during my daughter’s face painting.  She has her daddy’s eyes, and thought that this was a beautiful picture highlighting her best features…

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