Pumpkins, Fall, and Fun

T-minus one week and counting until New York City, and besides the convenient injury I have been nursing the last three weeks, I have come down with a pretty good cold (or bad good, but I like to look at things from a positive point of view.  Either way, I’m resting and drinking LOTS of water in what seems like a vain attempt to cleanse my system.  We went to church this morning, then heading to the United Methodist Church Pumpkin patch.  The proceeds from this patch go to Doctor’s Without Borders and orphans in Africa, so a very prudent cause.  The UMC has managed to raise over $1 million from our little town…


They had pumpkins of all colors and sizes.  My kids really liked the pumpkins shaped like mushrooms.  It was a warm fall day in Florida.  It feels like summer here, as far as this transplant is concerned, but we are enjoying the summer that lasts an infinity.


Millions of little pumpkins in bins line the pumpkin patch.



Have a great fall, and please pray I get healthy before hopping on a plane next week :).

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