Momentary Blitz Of A Complete Lack Of Confidence…

There’s so much going on in my life, and today I’m feeling not very confident.  I went for my morning run today, and am feeling my injury to my glute, and it scares me a little bit, because it feels like more than just a muscle issue.  It’s in the lower right quadrant of my butt and lower back.  I have caught my second cold of the season, and it appears that it’s back-to-back with my first cold.  I have sucked on so many cough drops that I have given myself stomach upset, though that might be because I’m running marathon number 10.  A kid puked in my daughter’s classroom yesterday, and now I’m terrified that my kids will start puking.  My parents are coming, and my mom’s dog is not doing well at all, so I’m scared that he may die here.

The most terrifying thing is I’m starting to do more art and writing. I’m afraid of the critics.  I’m afraid that my stuff won’t be liked.  I don’t know how to market myself as an artist.  I also found that I’m jumping from project to project to project with almost no focus.  I restarted the novel for the seventh time, I just need to get myself to sit down, accomplish one thing and go on to the next thing, but that’s just not the way I work.

Anyway, if is a praying mood, please say a little one for me all week– I’m traveling, doing a marathon, and trying to get something that will give me a little bit of extra spending money started.

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