Time To Share…


I feel confident enough that I can share the good news with you.  Last year, I started to write the novel I have always dreamed of, but I faltered for a few weeks, and then quit.  I was floating around on a sea of indecision, much like this sailboat in the New York Harbor.  A few weeks before New York City Marathon, I sat down and dedicated some time to really writing, I mean REALLY WRITING.  I had two novels bouncing around my head the last few years.  The first my dream novel, I decided to table.  It was too epic, too much to take on at this juncture in time.

Now that my first novel was tabled, I could concentrate on the ideas behind my second novel.  I sat down and wrote out a simple outline, and synopsis about the novel.  I’ve just finished page 100!  I have just written my 30,000 words.  Most novels in this genre are around 80,000. I am just under half way done with the novel.  I have copyrighted the synopsis, so I no longer fear that someone could steal my idea, and publish it.  I won’t go into details, but the working title is “The Last Man On Earth…”

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