5000 words and one day…

I have 5000 words left before I submit my word count to NaNoWrMo for National Novel Writing Month annual contest.  The contest ends tomorrow. The book still needs about 20,000 more words before I will be able to submit it to a literary agent, and even before that I have to edit it, and have some other people read it to make sure that it’s, in fact readable.

I don’t know if I am more relieved or excited.  I think I will have the first draft done before the end of December.  I will be putting it down for a few weeks during the holidays, and start editing it in January.  A local friend of mine suggested that I work on a screen play after I finish writing it, and present the idea as both a playwright/screenplay and a novel to the literary agent.  The two weeks of not touching the book will allow me to research how exactly to write a screenplay, as I haven’t got a clue, and then I need to figure out how to get it to an agent.

Anyway, I feel inspired, after this is done, I’ll start novel number 2.

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