Isagenix Day One:

I took the leap.  After contemplating, gnashing of teeth, and many hemming and hawing.  I jumped on the cleanse bandwagon.  I used to think that all I would need is a program like Weight Watchers.  It’s easy, right?!  You put it on the plate, count the points, and do some simple addition and subtraction and you lose weight.  You can basically eat whatever you want, and as long as you count it, you lose weight.  When I was 28-years-old, and had gained a bunch of weight when pregnant with Sophie, it worked.  There was no accounting for the quality of what I ate, and I still suffered from a never-ending addiction to salty-crunchy-sweet-tarty foods.  I counted on the three hour runs making up for my rotating plates of fat-laden foods and wine.

Now, as I near 40, I know that I need to do something drastic in order to lose weight and gain muscle.  Before you tsk-tsk me, and say, “you are not fat,” please hear me out.  This is not about being fat, this is not about being fat, or skinny.  Weight is just a number.  This is about being happy and healthy.  I have found in the last 38-3/4 years, that I am not happy, or healthy at my current weight.  Little health problems are starting to creep back into my life.  It started with my back.  I now have poly-cystic ovaries, which can be incredibly painful.  Being poly-cystic also means that I am now pre-diabetic.  So not only are my hormones out of whack, so are my blood sugars.  The signs are there– my eyebrows instead of taking 6 weeks to fill in after a waxing, are filling in after two weeks.  I’m continually bloated.

Drastic times, call for drastic measures, so I started a cleanse.  I read up and researched on the best cleanses to do.  I decided on Isagenix.  Yes, it’s a business opportunity, but I have firsthand seen results from several friends who have done it.  I hope that this is the shock and jump start that my body needs to get back into a normal metabolism, normalized hormone levels, and no more blood sugar issues.  I start physical therapy tomorrow, and see the spine specialist later on in the month.  I’m hoping by my 40th birthday that I will be happier and healthier– my personal ideal weight, ready to run Grandma’s marathon at a PR pace, with newly fixed teeth (thanks to orthodontia which I will have installed in February), and a different outlook on life.

And it starts with Day One:

1798870_1573402062878385_3788754230482990542_n 10917311_1573402029545055_6082772166199206346_n 10906138_1573402016211723_2071902722170392798_n

Starting Weight: 150 pounds (OMG how did I let myself get back here again!?!)
Shake Day:
First thing in the morning: 1 Oz Isonix Drink, 1 Accelerator Tablet 16 ounces of water
Breakfast: Isolean Shake French Vanilla, 16 ounces of water
Mid-Morning Snack: Green tea and Chocolate bar, snack wafer, 16 ounces of water
Lunch: Isolean Meal Replacement Bar
Late-Afternoon snack: Snack wafer, 16 ounces of water, Accelerator Tablet
Supper: Enchilada Stuffed Whole Wheat Shells

I was pretty well satiated until around 4:00 PM, and now I’m ready for solid foods.

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