Isagenix Day Two: I survived!

So far so good.  I weighed myself this morning, and I’m down one pound.  I suppose one pound a day is a good thing, that would mean 7 pounds by Sunday, but I have a feeling that when I get to my cleanse days, I will be down far more than a pound.  The only struggle I had yesterday happened at around 3:00-4:00 PM, I became insatiably hungry.  It didn’t help that my family was all eating salty-crunchy snacks, but no cheating here.  I drank a container of water, and ate a small snack.  At 4:00 PM, I busied myself with preparing dinner.  Today, is also a somewhat busy day.  I’m have PT for the back injury, I have to pick up the dogs from the kennel, and I’m going to start spring cleaning– I know it’s January, but my closet is so overwhelming, and there are projects that I put on hold since I was writing the novel, training for the marathon, and doing a ton of other things.  So here’s to today :).

I won’t burden you with 30-days of pictures of my belly fat…

Weight: 149

Early AM: 1 oz of Ionix Mix plus 8 oz of water
Breakfast: IsaLean Shake and accelerator 8 oz of water
Mid-Morning Snack: 2 snack chews and 8 oz of water
Lunch: IsaLean Shake and fruit
Mid-Afternoon Snack: Green Tea Chocolates
Dinner: Baked Chicken, Potatoes, and Vegetables (I will be skipping the potatoes though :)).

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