Isagenix Day 3: First Cleanse Day!

Today is my first cleanse day.  I was not looking forward to this, but I am finding that I like the cleanse product the best out of everything I have ingested so far from Isagenix.  It’s supposed to be drunk with warm water, so I opted to make it into a tea.  It’s a fruit flavored tea, and I like it.  I got a nice surprise when I weighed myself this morning.  I had lost 3.2 pounds in three days!  I know that the next two days (both Cleanse Days) will probably yield another couple of pounds lost.  That being said, weight loss is not the primary reason I’m doing this.  The reason I have taken an extreme approach to my diet is because I am finding myself more and more addicted to foods that are not entirely good for me.  I tried Weight Watchers and other diet plans to break the addiction by allowing myself those foods in moderation, but I found that even in moderation, I could not control how much junk food I was eating.  I am hoping that by doing this and slowly weaning myself back to running and eating a more nutrient rich diet, I will have more energy, be happier, and be able to control some of the symptoms of autism and ADHD that plague me.

Besides cleanse day news, I also have some other news on a more personal front.  I discussed training with my physical therapist, and I have been cleared to start running, though I have to be judicious with my training.  I’m not going to go out and run a ton of mileage, but a few miles here and there are not going to hurt me.  He is of the opinion that they jumped the gun sending me to a specialist.  I probably will end up with prescription insoles, and other than that I should be fine.  This should really jump start the weight loss with the cleanse.

I have also started working on the editing part of my book.  I didn’t realize this about writing a novel, but the first edit you do, you often rewrite the entire book.  I just started doing the first part of the book, and found that it was scant on details and character development.  So now I’m working on the character’s back story.  A prime example, the details in the first page of the novel have been expounded on and now are contained in a 10-page chapter!  So basically what was once the first chapter is now a Part One, with six subsequent chapters.


Weight: 146.8

AM 1: Isagenix Deep Cleanse Tea, Accelerator, and 16 oz of water
AM 2: Ionix Supreme, 2 X Chocolate Snacks* 16 oz of Water
AM 3: 30 minutes later 2 X snacks** 16 oz of Water
Late Morning: Deep Cleanse Tea
Early Afternoon: 2 X Chocolate Snacks*
Early Afternoon 2: 2 X snacks plus 16 oz of water
Lunchtime: Deep Cleanse Tea
Late Afternoon: Energy shot
Early Evening 1: 2 X Chocolate Snack*
Early Evening 2: 2 X Snacks** plus 16 oz of water
Dinner: Deep Cleanse Tea
Before bed: Isaflush

*Chocolate snacks are Isagenix snacks and are approximately 30 calories per serving (one serving is two chocolates)
** Snacks are Isagenix Snacks which are also approximately 30 calories per serving.

I’m timing the eating for every hour.

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