Isagenix Day 4: Determination

I woke up to a surprise today, I am down nearly 6.5 pounds since Sunday.  Blood sugar lows hit me yesterday, but I am told day two is much easier than day one when dealing with this.  I am a little nervous when I start eating again, because I will likely gain a little bit of the weight back.  My next set of pictures will be posted on Sunday, so I doubt there will be much change.  I don’t intend on measuring again until Day 11, but I wonder how much of a difference the 6.5 pounds made in my measurements.  The clothing doesn’t fit any differently, though I’m slightly less bloated.  I am excited to try real food again.

Weight: 143.6

AM 1: Isagenix Deep Cleanse Tea, Accelerator, and 16 oz of water
AM 2: Ionix Supreme, 2 X Chocolate Snacks* 16 oz of Water
AM 3: 30 minutes later 2 X snacks** 16 oz of Water
Late Morning: Deep Cleanse Tea
Early Afternoon: 2 X Chocolate Snacks*
Early Afternoon 2: 2 X snacks plus 16 oz of water
Lunchtime: Deep Cleanse Tea
Late Afternoon: Energy shot
Early Evening 1: 2 X Chocolate Snack*
Early Evening 2: 2 X Snacks** plus 16 oz of water
Dinner: Deep Cleanse Tea
Before bed: Isaflush

*Chocolate snacks are Isagenix snacks and are approximately 30 calories per serving (one serving is two chocolates)
** Snacks are Isagenix Snacks which are also approximately 30 calories per serving.

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