Isagenix Day 5: Happy Birthday To My Son


Today is my son’s 11th Birthday!

This morning started roughly.  It took my daughter nearly 90 minutes to get ready this morning.  I ended up driving her to school, which because of the bitterly cold weather (snort, it was 20 degrees out) everyone opted to drive their kids to school.  I went to get my son cupcakes for his birthday at school, and forgot my wallet, so I had to run back home grab the wallet, run to the store and get cupcakes.  Then drive my son to school.  In a hurry, I locked my keys in the car.  My husband ran over to start my car.  Recently, his car has been having a LOT of issues with the electrical system.  This may mean we will be getting a new car in short order.  We thought his car had been fixed, and it was not.  It would not even turn over after unlocking my car, we tried to jump his car.  Now we have to call and have a tow truck come and tow the truck to Chevy.  Take Ryan to speech, and Sophie to violin.  Needless to say this is going to be quite a challenging day eating wise.

Weight: 142.6

Early AM: Ionix Drink and 16 oz of water, accelerator tablet
Breakfast: Vanilla Shake
Ran 3 miles, walked 2 miles
Lunch: Vanilla Shake and apple
PM Snack: Vanilla Snack wafers and an accelerator tablet
Dinner: Who knows?!

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