Isagenix Day 7: One Week Down, 3 weeks and 2 days to go!




Day one on the left, Day 7 on the right

Well, my first week is done.  I am down 6 pounds total.  I am slightly discouraged that I gained some weight after the cleanse, but not overly surprised.  I will say I am preparing my next order.  I wanted to highlight some of the benefits that I didn’t realize would happen doing this cleanse.  Maybe it’s psychological, or maybe there’s something to this that mainstream medicine doesn’t recognize.  I don’t know, here goes:

1.  I am happier.  I had one moment of negativity during the cleanse, but for the most part I have not felt overly negative at all.

2.  I have energy.  Usually when I was eating my “old” diet, I would get up in the morning, eat breakfast, drag myself outside to run, eat a snack (usually laden with fat, sugar, and salt).  Now, I get up in the morning drink Ionix, water, take my accelerator, and drink a shake.  I don’t feel low energy at all!

3.  I am breaking addictions.  The first few days it took will power not to eat the same things that everyone in the house was eating.  Especially since my son and husband whipped out chips and dip while watching football.  I ate an apple.  At dinner, my husband would have a beer, I drank water.  I wanted to eat those foods, I wanted to eat them so badly.  But after the cleanse, they don’t even sound that good to me.

4.  My back feels better!  This really surprised me.  The pain in my back has gone down significantly, I started physical therapy, but physical therapy does not account for the fact that the pain has decreased significantly.

5.  I am drinking more water.  I am staying well hydrated :).  I always have a water bottle with me, and I refill it 6-7 times a day (16 ounce water bottle), and more on days when I’m active.  I’m drinking nearly a gallon of water a day!

So there you have it…

Weight: 144

First thing AM: Ionix Drink and 16 ounces of water
Breakfast: Chocolate shake and 16 ounces of water
Snack: 2 Vanilla Snacks and 16 ounces of water
Lunch: Snack Bar* and 16 ounces of water
Midafternoon snack: 2 Vanilla Snacks and 16 ounces of water
Dinner: Roast Beef, Quinoa, and Vegetables, 16 ounces of water
Before Bed: Flush with 16 ounces of water

* Snack bar– I am going to my son’s birthday party, and will not be able to make a shake for lunch.

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