Flowers: Cypress Gardens

I’m double posting on my blog today, because I didn’t have a lot of time this week with editing.  I have been working about 6-8 hours a day editing the novel, so I have neglected to do any work on my webpage, Esty Shop (which has not been launched yet), or Society6.  Here’s some pictures that I took prior to the New Year.  I got a few new lenses and a tripod for Christmas, so I plan on going out a little later this month when the weather gets better (it’s been cold and rainy lately).  Enjoy some spring flowers while you wait.

Cypress Gardens is near Tampa, FL.  It is co-located with Lego Land and hosts some of the world’s most beautiful gardens and walking paths.  The Gardens is separated into regions of the world, and they feature flowers native to not only Florida, but Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa.  The center of the garden has the Banyan Cypress Tree.  It is thousands of years old, and one of the prettiest trees I have ever seen.

IMG_1952 IMG_2067 IMG_2097 IMG_2100 IMG_2119 IMG_2122 IMG_2126 IMG_2129 IMG_2137 IMG_2141 IMG_2151 IMG_2158 IMG_2162 IMG_2187 IMG_2197 IMG_2202 IMG_2230 IMG_2252 IMG_2256

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