Isagenix Day 8: Weight going back down again!

A Fire Has Been Lit!

My weight started to fall again today.  I went for another short run, and the runs are going OK.  I think I have to talk to my physical therapist to see if I should continue to run, or if I should stop again, and take a break.  My back doesn’t really hurt per say.  It feels tight.  I would still say on a pain scale it’s around a 1 or 2.  I just wonder if a tight back is going to be the new norm.  It definitely has gotten significantly better than when I had run the NYC Marathon.  A friend of mine posted a pretty awesome looking cross training workout I plan on trying the next week:

5-10 minute warm up jog

3 Reps:
10 Burpies
10 Crunches
30 Second Plank
30 Second High Knee
2 minute Run/Jump Rope
1 minute recovery

5-10 minute cool down jog


Weight: 141.6

Early AM: Ionix plus 16 ounces of water and Accelerator tablet
AM: Shake
Lunch: Shake plus apple
PM Snack: Chocolate Delights and Accelerator tablet
Dinner: Low calorie Hamburger Stroganoff and Caesar Salad, 16 ounces of water

Activity (adding this today): 30 minute run (approximately 3.1 miles, but my GPS crapped out on me).

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