Isagenix Day 9: Confession Time…

Well, I have done two off diet things the last few days.  Last night, I ate a little more than 600 calories.  I haven’t really been “measuring” and calculating calories for my evening meal, because I trusted that I would know how many calories I would eat during supper.  I was wrong, and way over-ate last night.  And today for lunch, I ate a 600 calorie lunch, and I have no intention of having a shake tonight, because I am about to go into a cleanse tonight and need all my evening calories.  Those confessions aside, I am only up one pound :).

On another good news front–my physical therapist okay’ed me to build up from 3 miles a day every other day to 5 miles by early next week.  He wants me to be OK to run higher mileage runs as a measure of the success of the therapy.  I feel great.  The only “back problem” I am having is my back feels rather tight.  It’s not overly severe or horrible.

Weight: 142.0
Total Inches lost (I measured last night): 30

AM: Ionix Supreme, Accelerator
Breakfast: Shake plus 16 ounces of water
AM Snack: 2 snack wafers
Lunch: Tortilla Soup and Turkey Breast Sandwich (Applebees– under-600 calorie lunch menu), 32 ounces of water
PM Snack: Apple, 16 ounces of water
Dinner: Chili, 16 ounces of water

Activity: Physical Therapy

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