Isagenix Day 11: Last Cleanse Day! WOOHOO!

Today is my last cleanse day for another 19 days, then I’m going to reassess and decide how many cleanse days I plan on doing the next few weeks.  I really like cleanse days, not during the cleanse itself, but afterwards.  The cleanse itself can be painful at times, because there is no denying that you are hungry, and by the end of the day– water, tea, and the very little nourishment I allow myself gets old after 48 hours.  I am Catholic, and I used to use marathon training and blood sugar as an excuse not to fast, and surprisingly, I’m actually going to be able to fast come Easter.  Really fast, not the pussified version of fasting many Catholics do– aka eat a hearty breakfast in the morning, eat a light lunch in the afternoon, and pig out at suppertime (as a fast is sun up to sun down).  Instead I’m going to do a cleanse on fasting days over Easter :).

My weight has stagnated a little bit, but I have a sneaking suspicion I know why, and it will be confirmed shortly.  That being said, this AM I am again down 9 pounds over my starting weight, and I am pleased with that progress.

I went to Physical Therapy today, and confirmed the bursitis on me IT Band (this is the ligament that runs from your ankle to your knee to your hip.  I am sore, but I will probably be able to run again on Friday or Saturday.  After my knee surgery, when my knees swell, I get terrified.  I don’t want to be told I can’t run ever again.  I have lots of years of living left, and this would just lower my quality of life significantly.

Weight: 141

Weight: I didn’t weigh myself this AM

Early AM: Ionix Supreme and 16 ounces of water

Cleanse 1: 7:30 AM

Snack 1: 8:45 AM

Cleanse 2: 10:45 AM

Snack 2: 12:00 PM (Fruit)

Snack 3: 1:30 PM (Chocolate snack)

Cleanse 3: 3:00 PM

Snack 4: 4:30 PM

Cleanse 4: 5:00 PM

Flush: 8:00 PM

Activity: Rest day.

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