Isagenix Day 12: I bet you are getting sick of these…

I am done with my last Cleanse for this month.  I plan on doing one cleanse weekly next month.  The swelling from the bursitis is going down, though I am helping it along with some Alieve.  My stats this cleanse are not nearly as glorious as the last cleanse.  I didn’t lose 4-5 pounds in a week.  I have pretty much maintained my weight loss.  I have read a LOT of blogs and other postings about people stagnating at a certain weight, and realized that (even though I took a few days off of running this week) I am not consuming nearly enough food.  You see the Isagenix shakes are 260 calories.  So two of them come to 520 calories.  The one apple I have been eating is about 50 calories.  The snacks are about 30 calories per serving– so all told I’m consuming well under 600 calories for breakfast and lunch.  With a 400-600 calorie meal at supper, I end up eating between 1000-1200 calories a day.  When I am running, I burn around 400-500 calories (which negates the shakes).  So I decided to add a 200-300 calorie lunch into the mix.  This way I am consuming around 1300 to 1600 calories during the day depending on what I eat.  We shall see if that has any effect on my weight loss. I also upped my flush tablets to two tablets at night instead of one.  I figure anything I do can’t really hurt me too badly, as I am not eating junk food.  Most of the foods I am eating are low-carb, gluten free, and low salt.  I have had no sugar, no alcohol, and no processed foods in over 11 days.

Weight: 140

Early AM: Ionix Mix plus 16 ounces of water and accelerator
Breakfast: Shake, 16 ounces of water
Late-morning: Shake, 16 ounces of water
Mid-Afternoon: Salad (about 300 calories) 16 ounces of water
Late-Afternoon: Snacks plus 16 ounces of water and accelerator tablet
Dinner: Shrimp Cocktail, Rice, and Vegetables, plus water
Before bed: Flush and 16 ounces of water

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