Lenten Observation 2015


I am not overly religious.  I am a practicing Catholic, so I normally try to give up something for Lent. When I was little I gave up things like chocolate, candy, or I promised to clean my room.  Those sacrifices normally lasted a few weeks at most.  And each year, I ended up not being very successful at keeping those sacrifices.  Since I started Isagenix, I have been really careful about my diet, though I plan on cleaning it up a LOT.  Here are 10 things I intend on doing in observance of Lent:

10.  I will be closing down my Facebook pages, both my professional and personal Facebook pages.

9.  I will be blogging every day that I am no longer on Facebook.  I find that I’m a much better runner when I run a lot, and the same goes for writing.  Practice makes me a more focused writer.

8.  I plan on continuing my walk/run streak.  The last three weeks, I have been walking/running steps, and I plan on continuing this trend.

7.  With that, I plan on also tracking my calorie intake and output on My Fitness Pal.

6.  Shane is giving up alcohol, and it is so much easier to do so with a partner, so I will be giving up alcohol starting on Tuesday as well.

5.  I also intend on finishing one household project a week.  Lent is only 6 weeks, so I am picking 6 projects to complete before the end of the season.

4.  I also plan on finishing the novel that I started to write in November, and then attempt to send out manuscript to an agent and/or publisher.

3.  Along with blogging every day, I also intend on doing more things I enjoy, like painting and doing some photography work.

2.  I have a substantial amount of money tied up in credit card bills, so I would really like to make a significant dent in my credit cards, while increasing the amount money in personal investments.

1.  Finally, I plan on taking advantage of the more time I have while off Facebook, and spend the time with my family.

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