Lent Day Five


I found this princess wandering the neighborhood last week.  I don’t know who she belongs to, but she followed me for a few miles until someone drove by and recognized her.  I didn’t want to let her go with them, but found out later that she got home safely.  She’s a Pitbull mix, and was really sweet.

I’m having a little bit of apprehension the last few days.  I go in on Wednesday to have my wisdom teeth removed.  I’m ready to have them out.  They do hurt like the other ones did, though they are not nearly as infected.  My biggest apprehension, though, has nothing to do with my teeth.  A few years ago, a very dear friend of mine passed away from complications due to melanoma.  I found a mole on my back, actually it is a series of moles on my back, in an area that’s hard to reach.  I found them after I noticed that one of them really itches.  I’m prone to hives, my skin is quite sensitive, and it’s dry here. I have many parts that itch at various times during the day/week.  Needless to say, I am going to go into the doctor and have them take a look at the moles.  Of course, I googled the symptoms and discovered, because I figured if I had melanoma (I have not been the most careful with sunscreen), that I would know if it spread.  This is not true.  If cancer becomes stage II or stage III there are often no symptoms.  I strongly urge all runners note any moles they may have on exposed skin (the part of my back is exposed in a bathing suit, and I live in Florida), check them, and if they start changing go to the doctor.  This has been a shadow over my weekend.

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