Lent Day 10: Much better


This picture was taken at the bird sanctuary at Busch Gardens.  He was eating popcorn out of other peoples’ hands.  A very nice bird.

I’m starting to feel better.  I’m still feeling some pain, but not too much.  This part is gross, but I’m starting have to clean the wound, because there is food stuck in the extraction sight.  It’s kind of uncomfortable doing this, and really, really gross.  I’ve stopped taking the pain medication, and am only doing the Motrin.

My mom and dad are arriving today.  I had planned on running today, but I think I will take a few more days off from running.  I plan on running Monday or Tuesday next week.  I just have a major headache and am having some sinus issues.  I can walk around, but anything more significant causes the head ache.  I haven’t gotten much running, writing, or anything else done.  On a positive note, I’m down about 4 more pounds :).

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