Lent Day 16: Another Beautiful Day In Florida…


Lizards will be back soon!

Today is a running rest day.  I walked 15,000 steps this morning.  I watched Indiana Jones And The Raider’s of The Lost Ark on USA Network.  The new show called “Dig” looks intriguing, and I will have a perfect opportunity to watch it this afternoon.  All flights out of Texas have been cancelled, and my husband cannot get onto a flight until Monday.  Needless to say, he is renting a car, and driving home.  The weather has been interesting the last few weeks, rather the last few months.  It’ll be warm for a few days, but not sunny and warm that’s pictured in postcards, rather it’s foggy, humid, and yucky warm.  It’ll rain for a few days– an all-day rain (which this is supposed to be the “dry season”).  The wind will blow out of the north, and it will turn very cold for a few days.  Rinse, lather, and repeat.  I’m ready for winter to be over, not that I’m dying for spring or summer, I would rather have the cool, yucky weather, than sunny, hot, and humid.  Though, I’m growing used to the extreme heat and humidity.  Supposedly, we are leaving next year for a different part of the country, but we shall see.

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