Lent Day 17: The sun is finally shining today!


I got outside to take pictures today.  I went to my normal spot, Turkey Creek.  First, thing in the morning, I ran 6 miles on the treadmill, and then walked another 40 minutes to get in my 15,000 steps.  All told, I walked an additional 3 miles at Turkey Creek.  The first picture is a picture of the reflection of the sun in the creek.


The path is raised above the swamp.  They are currently refinishing and redoing all the wood on the pathway, here is a section of the path that’s brand new.


The trees around here are starting to bloom.  Despite the below normal winter temperatures yesterday, there are little white blossoms on trees throughout the forest.


New leaves are budding on some of the twigs.  No wonder my allergies are pretty bad these last few weeks.


Even though this tree is dead, there is always still life :).  Fungus always grows everywhere with the moisture in the air.


Moss growing on a fallen tree.  Even on dead things life grows.

IMG_2680 IMG_2679

More reflections on the water.  I used both ATV and MV formats on my camera.


Another dead tree sitting in mud, I seem to think that dead things in the forest are beautiful.

IMG_2639 IMG_2697

Water lilies and other buds are forming near the water.  I keep coming back to the creek to see if they have opened up yet.  Once the flowers start budding this will be an absolutely beautiful and fragrant area to walk in.

Lent Day 16: Another Beautiful Day In Florida…


Lizards will be back soon!

Today is a running rest day.  I walked 15,000 steps this morning.  I watched Indiana Jones And The Raider’s of The Lost Ark on USA Network.  The new show called “Dig” looks intriguing, and I will have a perfect opportunity to watch it this afternoon.  All flights out of Texas have been cancelled, and my husband cannot get onto a flight until Monday.  Needless to say, he is renting a car, and driving home.  The weather has been interesting the last few weeks, rather the last few months.  It’ll be warm for a few days, but not sunny and warm that’s pictured in postcards, rather it’s foggy, humid, and yucky warm.  It’ll rain for a few days– an all-day rain (which this is supposed to be the “dry season”).  The wind will blow out of the north, and it will turn very cold for a few days.  Rinse, lather, and repeat.  I’m ready for winter to be over, not that I’m dying for spring or summer, I would rather have the cool, yucky weather, than sunny, hot, and humid.  Though, I’m growing used to the extreme heat and humidity.  Supposedly, we are leaving next year for a different part of the country, but we shall see.

Lent Day 15: Running Fool


Why have fake flamingos when you can have real ones?  Unfortunately, flamingos smell awful, otherwise I would really like one in my yard!  I think it’s the shrimp they eat that turn them pink.

It was warm today.  We hit 80 degrees this afternoon, and I went for a run outside.  I was hesitant to run, there was thick fog throughout the day, but by the time I got home from the grocery store, most of the fog had burned off, but it came back later on after my run.  I had my last session of physical therapy.  Dr. Cory thinks because I am a marathoner that I should be able to do extremely hard workouts.  It was a worthy torture session.  I’m going to miss going to him, but I really hope I don’t end up needing his services.  I’m going to start training for next year’s marathon early.  I was going to return to Cross Fit this next week, but I think going to the gym and doing the workouts that Dr. Cory recommended rather than doing Cross Fit.  Cross Fit is too intense, and I think I could use something a little bit more specific.  I have actually considered hiring a personal trainer.  Which seems oxymoronic, because I am a personal trainer.  It’s harder to design a training plan for yourself, because you really can’t look at yourself in the mirror doing various movements and correct those movements.  So maybe having a second set of eyes looking at my form would help with running.  As of right now, the doctors and physical therapist agree that this is primarily caused by a muscle imbalance in my core, upper legs, and butt.

Lent Day 14: 2 Weeks Down…


I didn’t get out today to take photographs.  Not that I felt badly, but it was because I need CPR certification to update my personal training certifications.  I had my CPR class today.  I spent half of the day in class, and now just sitting at home waiting until it’s time to get the kids from school.  This week, my days are full.  Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment.  Today was CPR certification class.  Tomorrow is PT.  Thursday is early release for my daughter and a haircut appointment.

I was going to run today, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, I only had 60 minutes to get everything done.  So I came home ate lunch, wrote a little bit, and am watching Law and Order Special Victims’ Unit.  I think that I will do a workout after the kids come home from school.  I hope to restart running tomorrow after PT.  This will be my first post-surgery run.  I know it’s been a week, but it feels like forever.

I also haven’t been writing as much as I should.  I didn’t feel up to it while on pain medication.  I hope to be off of pain medication completely by Thursday.

Lent Day 13: Day of Miracles!


It’s another rainy day in the Sunshine State during the “dry season.”

I am SLOWLY recovering from the surgery.  I ended up with gastritis from Ibuprofin use :(, which means in layman’s terms, my stomach lining is getting eaten by acid from the amount of pain medication I had been taking the last 5 days.  Last night I was really really sick.  I texted one of my close friends, who sells DoTerra, and asked if she had any extra Clove Oil.  I was desperate for relief.  Miracle number one:  she kindly gave me some Clove oil (no charge :)) today.  I tried it, and despite the truly awful taste, and burning on my mouth and lips– the pain is gone.  Miracle Two:  The pain is GONE!  No PAIN MEDICATIONS :)….

Finally, Miracle Three.  I went to Walmart today.  I was still in agony, I hadn’t tried the clove oil yet.  I needed to pick up a few items for supper tonight.  Anyway, I filled up my cart, and went to pay for my food.  I realized that I left my debit card back at home.  I asked the lady if I could take everything but the milk and Tylenol PM (that was one pain medication I hadn’t tried, and was planning on taking it tonight, it Tylenol does not destroy my tummy).  The lady behind me heard me talking to the checkout lady, and I was telling her that I had my wisdom teeth out last week, that I was having a bad day.  The kind woman paid my groceries.  I promised her I would pay it forward.  It is a testament that there are people out there who are good and kind!  So I am writing a letter to the editor of my local paper to thank the woman.

Lent Day 11-12


The last few days have been very rough.  I didn’t realize this until well after the surgery that days 3-5 are the roughest days of recovery when it comes to the wisdom tooth extraction.  I was in so much pain that I thought that I had a dry socket.  The pain was making me nauseous and unable to sleep.  The medication increased the nausea and made me sleepy.  Not only that, but my husband is going away for a few weeks on a business trip, so I’m here by myself, very sick, and with two kids.  Luckily, I have my daughter, who even though she is only nine, steps up and is amazing especially with my son.

We did the Seaside School’s 5K today.  It is a race where the proceeds go towards a one-room school house in South Walton County.  I didn’t run it at all.  Instead I walked with my mom and daughter.  It was cool walking with three different generations of women.  At the end of the race we get a Vera Bradley shopping bag.  I love going down to Scenic 30-A.  It’s one of the quieter beaches, and there are a lot of boutique stores and things to see down there.  So between naps, nausea and walking, it was a rough weekend.  I am hoping that next weekend, I’ll be able to run again.