My Latest Project…


This weekend marks the one year point in my husband’s command.  I know that my role in his squadron is somewhat minimal.  I have a few talents, one of them is drawing, and I like to say that I’m a little bit creative.  Traditionally, the squadron commander gifts something to the squadron before his change of command.  We wanted to do some kind of glass work, but could not get someone to “do” the artwork.  I drew a sketch of the “Friday Patch” free hand.  Still not able to find someone to help me make this vision a reality, my husband and I have manged to acquire glass tiles.  We have four pounds of glass tiles separated into five different colors, glue, and grout.  Now the fun begins :).


Next, we are going to cut the frame, prime the wood.  Notice there are two other squares on that plank of wood, I have other uses for them.  I am going to do a design for my son’s school.  They are opening a new school sometime in 2016, and I am hoping the artwork I complete will adorn the walls.  The second square I might do a design and sell it on Etsy.  I have some other squadrons commissioning me to do their patches :).  Right now, I plan on charging around $200-300 for a large plank of wood.  Smaller designs are going to run between $75-150.  Please e-mail me if you have any interest…

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