Day Four: In The Year 2017

The fourth writing prompt in “642 Things Write About” is for me to write my statuses for 2017.  Unfortunately, I have quite a Facebook addiction, so I will only do “Highlights…”

January 2017

Happy New Year– It’s 2017, and it’s going to be a great year.  I have plenty of New Years Resolutions to pass along, but for now it’s time to celebrate!  Hope you have a magical New Year :).

Happy Birthday to my son!  I cannot believe that you are 13.  You are a teenager.  It was yesterday that you were a bouncing blonde baby boy.  I ❤ you my little Sweety Cat.  (My son used to call people Sweety Cats or Christmas Crabs).

February 2017

Happy Birthday to my husband, who will always older, and not quite as looking as yours truly.  Can you believe you are already 42 years old?

March 2017

It’s my birthday, and I can cry if I want to– 40 is the new 20 right?  What does that make 41?  The new 21, so I guess that means that I can drink more.

It’s official both novels are now published.  I have sold around 1,000 copies, I can’t wait until next month’s numbers come in.

April 2017

Betcha can’t guess where Sophie, Mom, and I are???  It’s spring break, and we just got here– 10 fun filled days in Paris.  Sophie and Mom are getting crepes at the kiosk by the merry-go-round, and I’m taking photos by the Eifel Tower.

May 2017

Well, my husband has done graduated from “Colonel School,” and we got our follow-on assignment, and guess where we are going, or rather guess where we are staying!  I love the city.

June 2017

I cannot believe that it’s been two years already.  It seems like just yesterday that we were down in Orlando together burying my father…


It’s our 20th Anniversary.  As you can see the book sold well!  I can afford to go to Paris with my mom and Sophie, and now Hubby and I are in Hawaii celebrating our 20th in style.  He told me that we could have been stationed here, but ironically, I really like exploring the city. Well off to the beach.

July 2017

Happy birthday America!!!  We went down to Yorktown again, like we did when they kids were younger and saw the fireworks from the birthplace of our Nation.  It was so cool there in 2008, and it’s even cooler this year.

August 2017

Look what we got?  We weren’t going to get a cat at first, but I found them on my usual running trail.  There were four of them, and the mother.  The mother got hit by a car.  They were pretty well weaned.  I picked them up and took them to our vet.  We got three of them adopted.  Hubby said we could keep the fourth.  We named her Lucy.

First day of school!  The kids love their DC school.  I’m happy they are going to the same school.

September 2017

My second book has reached 5000 copies sold.  I’m impressed.  It was picked up today by a publisher, and we are going to mass market it.  There was also a producer was interested in adapting it.  Things are starting to turn around.

October 2017

This Halloween is the first year that my kids don’t really want to dress up.  I’m sort of sad, and sort of happy.  We went to a local trunk or treat.

November 2017

Happy Turkey Day.  We are heading south for Thanksgiving.  Spending it with my mom, and the mouse.  Looking forward to a change of scenery.  I like Orlando.  I wonder if we are going to end up there soon.

December 2017

Happy Birthday to my dad…  This was his favorite Christmas song.  They sang it at his memorial service in Minnesota.  I wish we could have sung it at his funeral, but I don’t think the guy could have pulled it off.

OMG my daughter is almost a teenager…  I cannot believe that she is turning 12 this year!  Next thing you know she’ll be wearing make up and going on dates.  We are going to have to get a gun now…


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! It’s Christmas in DC, and it looks like it might be a white one.  There’s a storm brewing, and it looks like it’s going to hit just in time for the holidays.  I miss White Christmases.

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