Blog Silence

I had a creative story written out about a ransom note, but I’m not going to publish my Day 6 blog posting, instead I’m going to stop the writing challenge for a few days.

I will tell you a story though.  In 2011, we arrived at Eglin AFB.  My son struggled for several months at school.  Needless to say it left a very negative taste in my mouth.  We removed him four months into the school year and moved him to the Emerald Coast Autism Center.  We saw the school go from a little tiny school house in a church into a thriving amazing community of moms, dads, kids, and teachers.  Each and every teacher has been wonderful, and they all have a special place in my heart.  Today, I found out that one of my son’s teachers was killed yesterday.  The cause of death is under investigation, and it was not of natural causes.  I don’t want to get into why he died, or the negativity behind it.  I am still grieving over the death of my dad, and this hit me.  This man was so young, so kind, and he, like my dad, had an extremely positive impact on my son.

Azel Hardy was a gently giant.  We had a few things in common– he loved my son (he loved all children with autism at the school) and football.  I used to tease him and Rob (another teacher) about football.  We talked about our Fantasy Football Teams.  You see, I am a huge Vikings fan, Rob is a huge Packer’s fan, and Azel was a huge Lion’s fan.  He volunteered countless hours with Special Olympics.  His smile and laugh are infectious.  He will be missed.  So Rest In Peace, gentle giant…


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