Hiatus-Lowatus-General Atus

The year 2015 was a banner year for me.  It was the year when it all fell apart.  Things were going surprisingly well until June, and then it was lost, and never found again.  Even in June and July things were going well.  But the negative of the last year overcame me, and busy-ness overtook me.  The year culminated in my brand new computer going kaput.  Of course the kaput-ness was my own doing.  I am flighty, ADD, and just plain damn irresponsible for a nearly 40-year-old.  I dropped my computer, cracked the motherboard, and am without computer.  My husband wishes me to only use his laptop sparingly, and in absolute necessity.  So no blog writing, no writing period, and the only time I am on Facebook is when I am on my phone.  So this is my hiatus, lowatus, or general atus post.  I am not dead, I am not feigning illness.  I am just busy, suffering from writer’s block, and my utter irresponsibility has caused me to be without medium.  So anyway– this is my hiatus post.  I shall return sometime in the near future.  Until then have a wonderful 2016, and I will see you on the other side.