Dogwood Challenge Week 5: Black and White Landscape

Tres-pass (verb): 

  1. To enter a owner’s land without permission
  2. To commit an offense against a person or set of rules

This week’s challenge was a black and white landscape photograph.  It was a rough week, around day 16-18 after chemotherapy, I start feeling sick.  The illness lasts about 24-48 hours, then magically it lifts, and I feel better.  This time it was more stomach flu-ish than the typical cramping, and for whatever reason I could not trudge through it, as I have been trudging through chemotherapy.  I often think of chemo like running a marathon.  Sometimes I hate running, so I close my eyes, and stomp it out.

Today I trudged through the neighborhood looking for inspiration.  I was told a long time ago that as a photographer, I have a good eye, but not the best technical skills.  I forgot that my ISO was set low when I made my way to a dilapidated barn…  I got good shots, could not fix them in Lightroom to make them look decent as a black and white shot…


And this one too…



Still other pictures I took made great black and white landscaping.


But nothing hit me as far as my mood this last week.  You see I have been thinking about our world, and the recent climate.  I was raised Catholic.  Last week in mass the priest spoke of the Beatitudes.  The pictures circulating around the internet have made me sad and contemplative.  Pictures of babies separated from their mothers for extended periods of time out of fear.  Pictures of babies denied surgeries, because of fear.  Pictures of fences that we are putting up around ourselves.  I found a sign that says “No Trespassing.”  The meaning behind the sign is simple– don’t go on this person’s land.  Laying on the ground near the trespassing sign is the sign above, “No Hunting.”  Again pretty straight forward, you don’t go hunting on his land either.  It’s by a game trail, so that’s a good thing with all the children in the area.

But the word trespassing has a different meaning– in old English it means “sinning.”  Trespass shows up in the Lord’s Prayer (just like the Beatitudes are in the Bible), “Forgive me my trespasses, and those that trespass against me.”  Many Americans are afraid, especially Christians.  They are afraid of terrorism, afraid of not making enough money to make it week-to-week, they are afraid of war, and they are afraid of progress.  They have bought into fear, and therefore have elected someone to lead us that is not worthy of that sacred duty.  The fear is making us forget.  Forget what we are, what we fought for, and forget our past.  We are repeating the sins of our fathers.  We are trespassing upon others.

That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth…



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