Going 180 was a concept I came up with a few years ago.  Even though I am not an addict, I hit rock bottom a few years ago, and realized that I was not the person I was meant to be.  For Christmas that year, the military gave me the wonderful (and horrible) gift of a deployment.  In the past when my husband had deployed, I stopped living.  I realized that this time I had to change, and that was when I decided to do a 180-degree turn.  Instead of looking at the glass being half empty, I forced myself to see the glass is half full.  Thus Jodi’s Going 180 was born.

I have three passions– my children, writing, and running.  I also dabble in art, painting, photography, and a few other endeavors, but my primary thing is writing.  I am a senior writer for Many Kind Regards, and a Writing Mentor for the same site.  You can see some of my other published works with by lines and anonymously on such publications as: Military Spouse Magazine, SpouseBuzz, American Military Family Autism Support, and I was a featured author for “Chicken Soup For The Soul: Parenting A Child With Autism.”  I am currently putting the free in freelancing at those publications and many more.  I am currently working on two self-published novels, which will be eventually released, one of these days when I pull my head out of my ass.

Other than that, I have been called sarcastic, snide, and I have a superiority complex by those that don’t know me.  Those that do say I am creative, fierce, loyal, fast, and strong.  I’ll leave that up to you.  Enjoy, leave some comments, share the relevant, live, love, and be happy.

Peace Out,

Jodi Vetter

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