I Am Groot

Photo courtesy of Disney and Marvel copyright 2014 I Am Groot When I watch television, movies, and even the news in April, I see lots of stories and information about autism.  I am aware that April is Autism Awareness month, for my family autism isn’t relegated to one month, rather it is every day, every … More I Am Groot

Going Negative..

I know that the purpose of my blog is to spread positive vibes and feelings, and not dwell on the negative, but I wanted to address something that bugs me.  My biggest pet peeve ever.  It is the argument used by many people when talking about immunizations.  I don’t know how many times I have seen … More Going Negative..

Touched By Murder

Yesterday, I found out that my son’s therapist was murdered.  This death has sent me reeling…  I have no words on this, other than why? If you are able to, please donate to a site in his memory.