Week One: 52 Week Challenge…

I signed up for a few weekly challenges this year– a weekly photography challenge, a weekly writing challenge, and a weekly savings challenge…  I decided to combine the weekly writing and photography challenge, posting both items on my blog.

Each photograph tells a story, sometimes they are long stories, sometimes they are short ones.  That’s what makes photography, painting, drawing, and even mosaics I do– art.  I decided this last year that I shouldn’t stress about making money with art, that I should do it for the sheer joy of it.  Same thing with my writing.  I should write for the sheer joy of writing.  I read a book a few months back that said, “The best way to de-clutter your life is to hold something, and ask yourself, if it brings you joy.”  I decided to do that with my hobbies…  Life is to short not to do something that brings you joy!

So the story– 11 months ago, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer.  I am told that it is chronic, and not likely to go away.  I will be on and off chemotherapy for the rest of my life.  I intend on that being a long time, but who knows.  I have no symptoms of cancer, the side effects of treatment are a different story– I can no longer run (due to skin issues), I cannot be out in the heat, fatigue, and digestion issues.  I decided a few days ago, instead of laying in bed waiting to die, I was going to do things I enjoy.  So here’s the first picture from the Dogwood Photography 52 week photographic challenge :).