When God Paints The Sky…

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I have been blessed to live in areas of the country where the sunsets look like God is painting the sky.  He uses a retinol of colors, his pallet is amazing.  I have taken more sunrise and sunset pictures than any other.  Most of them are without filter.  Today, I’m going to share a bunch of them with you.  No matter where you live, I find that watching the sun slowly creep up, and down to mark the beginning and end of days is one of the most beautiful natural thing in the world.  Enjoy :).

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Sunset from my deck

Panorama Resized

Panoramic on the Bay in Florida

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Sky on fire in Colorado


Sky on fire in Florida


Sky on fire at my mom’s house in Orlando, FL


Palm trees at sunset.

I love sunset and sunrise pictures.  My next goal is to conquer night-astro photography.







Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 2: Landscape

In 2011 we moved, yet again, to Florida.  This was our fifth home in seven years.  I had a love-hate-love-hate relationship with Florida.  Florida is a place of endless summers, beautiful vistas, and wearing flip flops in the middle of January (and pulling stickers out of your feet after you take a picture of said vistas).  I was excited to move to Florida, what’s not to love– Disney, oceans, and lots to do.  But after we got here, my son was neglected at school, and we ended up pulling him out of school after a heart wrenching experience.  My parents moved down here, and I fell back in love with Florida.  In 2015 and the early part of 2016 was disaster after disaster starting with my dad passing away, and ending with me being diagnosed with cancer.  Now that we are leaving again, I am in love with Florida and I’m going to miss it.  That being said, I’m ready to leave.

I had a tough decision regarding my picture submission for week two.  I was tempted to take my camera with me to my doctor’s appointment this morning, but wondered if I would be in the mood if I got bad news.  I did not receive bad news, in fact I received some very good news.  I thought about going out after I got back, but I was sleepy, and there were some showers in the area.  At about 3:00 PM the showers cleared out, so I decided to go to the park near our church and capture the orange hues of a setting sun against the emerald backdrop of our beautiful bay.