Lent Day 13: Day of Miracles!


It’s another rainy day in the Sunshine State during the “dry season.”

I am SLOWLY recovering from the surgery.  I ended up with gastritis from Ibuprofin use :(, which means in layman’s terms, my stomach lining is getting eaten by acid from the amount of pain medication I had been taking the last 5 days.  Last night I was really really sick.  I texted one of my close friends, who sells DoTerra, and asked if she had any extra Clove Oil.  I was desperate for relief.  Miracle number one:  she kindly gave me some Clove oil (no charge :)) today.  I tried it, and despite the truly awful taste, and burning on my mouth and lips– the pain is gone.  Miracle Two:  The pain is GONE!  No PAIN MEDICATIONS :)….

Finally, Miracle Three.  I went to Walmart today.  I was still in agony, I hadn’t tried the clove oil yet.  I needed to pick up a few items for supper tonight.  Anyway, I filled up my cart, and went to pay for my food.  I realized that I left my debit card back at home.  I asked the lady if I could take everything but the milk and Tylenol PM (that was one pain medication I hadn’t tried, and was planning on taking it tonight, it Tylenol does not destroy my tummy).  The lady behind me heard me talking to the checkout lady, and I was telling her that I had my wisdom teeth out last week, that I was having a bad day.  The kind woman paid my groceries.  I promised her I would pay it forward.  It is a testament that there are people out there who are good and kind!  So I am writing a letter to the editor of my local paper to thank the woman.